Fleta 1960 spruce



Ignacio Fleta

Construction year

1960, number 208



This guitar was restored by Gabriel Fleta in the beginning of july 2021. Only  very little work was required. Gentle filing of frets and a little french polish. Dokumentation from Gabriel Fleta attached. You find it in the pictures.

Cracks in the top which was repaired in the Fleta shop in 1981. Repairs can be seen in the pictures. Stable cracks. See documentation from Gabriel Fleta.


When I bought this guitar I was told it is cedar.

But Gabriel Fleta told me it is 150 years old spruce from a very rare selection in the Fleta shop. The high age makes the spruce darker.

Back and sides

Indian rosewood


655 mm


50 mm




This guitar is built by the famous Ignacio Fleta, Barcelona 1960.

Ignacios grandson Gabriel Fleta told me this particular guitar was made from a very special selection of wood in the Fleta shop that was around 90 years old already when this guitar was built by his grandfather, Ignacio. 

Video 1 is John Williams playing a Fleta. Video 2 is Andres York playing a Fleta.

Video 3 is me playing this particular 1960 Fleta, no 208. On video 3 is used no sound editing. No reverb, no EQ at all.



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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3