Gummeson 13. str cedar, 1987



Builder Karl-Erik Gummeson
Construction year 1987
Condition Excellent
Top Cedar
Back and sides Indian Rosewood
Scale 660 mm
Nut String 1-10: 80 mm
Comments Karl-Erik Gummeson (1910-2000) was one of Sweden’s foremost guitar makers. He learned his craft in Spain in the 1940’s and was deeply inspired by the guitars by Santos Hernandez. During the 50’s he also started building copies of antique instruments such as vihuelas, lutes, baroque guitars etc.

You can tune it like a 6 string guitar with extra bases or you can tune it like a baroque lute: f d a F D A G F E D C H A G
Depending which kind of music you wanna play.

Price 3500 Euro