Heikki Rousu, lattice brace, cedar, double hole, 2018.



BuilderHekki Rousu
Construction year2018, no. 351
Back and sidesIndian rosewood
Scale650 mm
Nut52 mm
TunersBaljak (handmade)
CommentsHeikki Rousu is a well known Swedish luthier. He has many years experience building both 6 string guitars and 11-13 string alto guitars. His huge experience allows him to build various bracing techniques, doubletop and solid top. This guitar is lattice bracing and has got 23 frets on all strings! Simplicio soundhole. The video is a sister guitar in spruce. Thanks to Joel Sundkvist! Heikkis guitars are very reasonably priced and very good sounding!
Price4000 Euro   3800 Euro