Kitselis cedar double top 2022, 2nd generation



Builder Johannes Kitselis
Construction year 2022
Condition New, 2nd generation double top
Top Cedar. Double top
Back and sides Wenge
Scale 650 mm. Elevated fingerboard.
Nut 52
Tuners Perona
Comments This is a very powerful guitar with lots overtones and deep basses. Air frequency around F#. Elevated fingerboard which makes it easier to play over 12th fret. A perfect guitar, for those who want to win a competition, or plays a lot of chamber music. Worldclass craftmanship.

Johannes Kitselis is based in Ängelsberg, Sweden. He started building guitars 1984 and later refined his skills, learning from the leading greek luthier, Giannis Paleodimopoulos. Johannes builds mainly double top guitars, with a focus on sound projection, timbre and balance. Hard case included.


Distance to first string over twelfth fret: 3 mm

Distance to sixth string over twelfth fret: 4 mm

Price 5750 Euro. Incl a hardcase.

Worldwide shipping.

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