Original anonymous c 1820 guitar, Markneukirchen



Builder Anonymous original c 1820 guitar. From Markneukirchen, Germany
Construction year Around year 1820
Condition Very good playability.  No resturation is needed.  In tune all the way up the fingerboard. One repaired crack in the top.
Top Spruce
Back and sides Maple
Scale 622 mm
Nut 45 mm
Tuners Original pegs. Works fine
I never before tried an orginal 19th century guitar so easy to play. If you are used to play classical guitar you can pick up this guitar and immediately be able to play Sor, Giuliani etc on an original instrument. I myself did on the video.
Markneukirchen (Germany) is the main town of the small musical instrument-making region, known for four centuries for high quality brass and string instruments. Within this small locality, 113 different enterprises are involved in making musical instruments. They rely on traditional methods but sell all over the world.
The town is home to the Museum of Musical Instruments founded in 1883 by Paul Otto Apian-Bennewitz. It hosts an annual International Instrumental Competition and master classes.
New info: This guitar is unlabelled but it is probably built by Christian Fredrich Martin. The early Martin guitar!
C. F. Martin from Markneukirchen who studied with Stauffer in Vienna. He later moved to the US  and raised the famous company Martin Guitars which his grandson Frank Henry Martin was leading during 67 years.
Price 1900 Euro including a new hardcase.