Giuliani guitar holder




Builder Richard Arbus
Construction year 2023. New updated version.
Condition New
Back and sides
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Do like Aguado: Stand up and play guitar. It saves your back. No more pain after a long practise. Due to the ball head you can move the guitar while you stand and play or you can choose to put the guitar in a fixed position.

You can also use it sitting playing.

It is safe. As you see on the picture I put my Fleta 1975 in the stand. I myself use it during practise or in concert with flute/violin players or singers. Which gives a much better balance between the instruments. When the guitar is liftet to the same distance over the floor as the flute/violin or voice, the volume balance between the instruments becomes more equal.

Price 530 Euro in black.

Video standing


Video sitting


Instructions for the Giuliani guitar holder